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Grumpy old Coders: Ep14 – Retrospective II Grumpy old Coders

Thomas and David talk about the year 2021. We had a lot of fun recording this year's episodes of the 'Grumpy old Coders', but there were indeed also deeper topics. We wish you a happy winter time and a great start to 2022!
  1. Grumpy old Coders: Ep14 – Retrospective II
  2. Grumpy old Coders: Ep 13 – Women in Tech
  3. Grumpy old Coders: Ep 12 – Just Thingies
  4. Grumpy old Coders: Ep 11 – The dark side
  5. Grumpy old Coders: Ep 10 – Data what?

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